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Academics are of utmost importance in you child's life. You seek the best opportunities for your children and you want to know that they are in great hands. You seek a school where biblical principles are integrated throughout the curriculum. Parents like you are looking for much more than a school; you are looking for a learning community. You want to know they are being mentored by Christian role models that embody the mission of inspiring students. We all serve as a team to make Bethel Academy (Manassas) a place where your children can develop into the individuals God designed them to be. From kindergarten through twelfth grade, they are prepped with a combination of solid academics and Scriptural truth, developing the knowledge and character required to make an impact in today’s world.

personalized learning experiences

Bethel Academy (Manassas) offers a wide array of educational solutions ranging from Core Curriculum to Career & Technical Education courses.  Teachers, Parents, and Students realize results together. 

Equitable learning experience

Bethel Academy (Manassas) is poised for success for our Students and Student-Athletes. Utilizing Clever and Canvas, Bethel Academy (Manassas) offers academic solutions for all Students and Student-Athletes to have access to their classes and tutors. 





Middle and High School Students delve into bible curriculum to help our students form a solid biblical worldview. Some of our topics include theology, apologetics, naturalism,  socialism and church history. We want students to learn how to test scripture against real life and ask questions to understand God better. We want students to develop a relationship with God by understanding Him through scripture. 


Middle and High School Science classes include, but are not limited to: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Science, and Earth Science.  Students are encouraged to use their natural inquisitive.

nature in order to question the scientific world around them. Using labs and hands-on activities, students are able to experience science in the classroom. STEM is also being introduced into the science classes. 


Our Middle School and High School Math classes include Mixed Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 &2, Geometry, Personal Finance, Pre-Calculus and Calculus. We also use Mathia as our supplement of choice.   

Literature Arts

Middle School and High School students learn grammar, spelling and literature, both American and British. Students journal, compose papers, test grammar usage, read novels and so much more in order to express themselves. We also look at literature through God's perspective and interpret the words we read through His. 

Social Studies

Middle and High School students rotate studying World History, American History, US History, Government, and the American Republic.  Each year of social studies provides students with a unique view of how to incorporate their biblical teachings into what they are learning. Finding scriptural foundations to paying attention to God’s providence and America’s Christian Heritage, students are challenged with a variety of ways to engage in learning.

Art, PE, Music and More

Middle and High School students will get a chance to learn through the arts and physical education. This gives students a very well rounded education and allows them to gravitate towards electives the may like to pursue further. 

With music and foreign language programs and more, we are excited to be able to offer diversity to our students. 

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