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Student-Athletes at Bethel Academy receive an Education just as rigorous and engaging as our Athletic Programs. Athletic Director and Head Men's Basketball Coach, Warren Miles, believes the opportunity for Student-athletes at Bethel Academy is not just an opportunity for success on the playing field or basketball court, but also an opportunity for our Coaches to strategize with our respective Teachers, Tutors, and especially Parents to craft a Learning Experience that not only prepares the Student-Athlete for Graduation, but also for life as a Collegiate Athlete. 

Bethel Academy provides Student-Athletes a place to strive in Athletic Performance, but also a place to glorify God with their respective gifts and talents in Interscholastic Competition. "Coach Warren" believe that Sports has a unique place in the upbringing of our Youth to teach invaluable life-lessons that simply cannot be taught in the classroom. Participating in Athletics gives students the ability to work together as a team to achieve a common goal. 


It's the absolute goal of all Bethel Academy Coaches to speak Wisdom into our Athletes and guide not only necessary skills and strategies in sport but commit to the upholding of God’s Truth, that through Him, all things are possible! 


Bethel Manassas Eagles Men's & Women's Basketball Roster Slots Are Now Open to Prospects 6th - 12th Grade! 

Thanks You For Your Interest In Bethel Hoops!

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