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Parent Service

We value our relationships between parents, faculty, students, and administrators. Because of the dedication of our parents, we are not simply a school — we are a community of families. Parent engagement strengthenes by parent involvement in the volunteer opportunities offered through our many parent involvement opportunities. By finding meaningful, rewarding ways to share time and talents, our parents find their place and part in our Bethel Academy community. When our parents volunteer, they see us in a practical and personal way as they stand shoulder to shoulder with other parents. At the same time, it extends tuition dollars by having volunteers perform some tasks that might otherwise have to be paid for through professional services. We want to involve parents more consistently in the life of our school; it allows every parent to take ownership in the ministry of Bethel Academy. 

Some of the volunteer activites include:

  • Lunch worker/monitor

  • Field Trip Helper

  • Party Helper

  • Office Helper

  • Athletic Booster

  • Parent Buddy

  • Library

  • Any helpful skill you have, just ask!

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